Culture you can’t compete with

Having worked with high performing teams both in the corporate and startup space, the below is a collection of mantras that made the unbelievable happen.

In our world, only possibilities exist. 

We don’t ask for permission. We for ask for guidance. 

We love risk.

We hate those who are indecisive & make us slow. They are impediments to our collective success.

We are determined. Focused but fair.

Greed tempts us. But we take the better road, as we are in this for the long game. 

We support those who deserve the opportunity, not just those who are born with it.

We love those who “bring it” day in, day out. We believe 90% of success is showing up.

We push. Sometimes too hard.

We make you uncomfortable. More than you have ever been in your life. 

We are the fun side of scary.

We love the rush of achievement – pushing harder and faster than anyone could have ever thought possible. 

We make the most of everything we have. We hate waste. 

We dream of a better future for all peoples and things, and how we will make it happen. 

We create a better world by fixing the problems that are worth fixing.

We won’t let the status quo stop us.

We don’t stop. 

We fight the good fight. 

Our glory is delivery. 

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