StartupBus: the most intense Startup hackathon in the world.

We all know the best innovations come from startups because they are free to approach solving the same problems differently. Startups are valued for being nimble and free of process, and because they are founded by people who are passionate about one thing – turning ideas into reality. StartupBus, founded in 2010, is an engine for startup innovation and I would like to provide you an opportunity to be part of our next crop of entrepreneurs while giving you the experience to take your passion and drive to the next level.

The StartupBus program is proven; Instacart, currently valued at over $2 billion, is the creation of two StartupBus alumni. Branch, the link-sharing service Facebook bought for $15 Million, also started by StartupBus alum. Lisnr, started on the 2012 MidWest StartupBus raised $3.5 Million and still has the team from the bus employed.

StartupBus is engineered to accelerate the entrepreneurial process by placing 30 strangers on a 72-hour bus ride where they collaborate  and compete to create a VC worthy startup by the end of the journey.

Most people board the bus with an idea they want to pursue; but in order to succeed; they’ll need to convince their fellow “Buspreneurs” that their idea is the best. Only the best ideas succeed, then the teams work together to create a working concept that includes demos, a business plan and profit model. Every team from the buses pitch, and at least one team from the entire “class” will receive funding. Only the best ideas rise to the top.

Would you like to be in on the team of the next Instacart? In October, our Sydney bus will travel to SydStart where they’ll pitch startups that they’ve incepted, built and launched on the bus. We have a limited number of seats available and only the best will be chosen to participate. If you know you are the best coder (Hacker), best layout designer (Hipster) or even the best social networker (Hustler) – I want YOU on the bus!

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